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Wendy Vermeulen - Brownies And Downies !

Categories: CHANGE MAKER
I was born and raised in the Netherlands into a supportive family that worked in hospitality and service.

My internship was completed in South Africa and I decided to stay on and make Cape Town my home. I wanted to make a difference, and so began my long-time goal of opening a Brownies And Downies here after connecting with Wade.

My Passion: 

I feel that I am born to help people. My passion is the betterment and upliftment of people, And right now those people are our special-needs trainees at Brownies And Downies! I want the world to see them how I see them!

My Dream: 

I want to impact and change as many lives as I can with the time I have. I want to leave a Positive Impression on all who I help and I refuse to let negativity affect my ability to help others.

I dream that one day Brownies And Downies will be helping place trainees all over Africa !

How I would change our world: 

People with intellectual disabilities have so much to offer society. I want to change society’s stigmas on these people and make it easier for interaction between them. And give people with intellectual disabilities easier access to the right to work and earn a living.



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