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Keenan Daniels

Categories: CHANGE MAKER
Programme manager for the Western Cape at The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment

I love creating and developing new ideas, programmes and opportunities for the young people of South Africa. My aim is to create new opportunities that can offer guidance, support and purpose to young people.

My Passion:
My passion is to support teachers, social workers and others who are passionate about working with youth. I like to equip them with the necessary tools to support youth in their various organisations.

My Dream:

I dream about a day where our educational system, both formal and non-formal, has a strong presence and that all respect the work done in education. My goal is to continuously change at least one person’s perspective about the stance of education in our country.

How I would change our world:

I would change the world by breaking the constraints of organisations working in seclusion. I would like to create a platform where the visions of various organisations are acknowledged, but incorporated in a bigger, global vision.

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