This Women’s Month, close to 1000 Mfuleni preschoolers will receive a boost to their education.

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This will be from the funds raised by a “Fair Play Fun Day” on 5th August 2017

Starting Chance, a non-profit organisation focused on giving children in early childhood a flying start to their educational journey, has joined hands with the nine educares it supports to have a combined fun day at the Mfuleni High School, in the Western Cape. Each school will be making a game using recycled material for the children to play at the fair. Starting Chance will be responsible for the food stalls.

Funds from the fair will go towards building more schools in the area and in equipping teachers with training and teaching materials. People are invited to get involved by sponsoring a R30 games and food ‘coupon book’ for a child who can’t afford one, donating food for the food stalls, volunteering to help on the day, making a financial donation towards the project and visiting the fair to partake in the festivities.

The fair promises to be a festive occasion, with the community coming together to celebrate Women’s Month to honour and uplift the strong female entrepreneurs and their teachers who are running the educares. With parents often not able to pay school fees, these women sacrifice much to ensure their school children have adequate resources, access to well-trained teachers and enough to eat.

Starting Chance founder, Ian Corbett, believes the fair is the ideal way to empower educare entrepreneurs with a networking and fundraising opportunity, thus helping them to make their businesses more co-operative and sustainable for the betterment of the standard of education in the area. “Our experience on this project has shown that by working together, we can make significant change possible. Partnering with the local high school, preschools and primary schools and engaging parents means we can support and impact the rate of change of the education process.”

As part of the parent engagement strategy, Starting Chance is partnering with Home Choice Development Trust to give each child a Starting Chance Home pack with educational games and toys to play with at home. These packs will be presented at the opening of the fair. As Sandra Lucas, the Chairperson of the Mfuleni ECD Forum says, “Education must start at home – we need to involve our parents.”

To learn more, support or volunteer, visit or call Ali on 0824911171.

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