Are we moving backwards?

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There is a well-used idiom that says "You cannot expect change if you continue to do the same thing! ". The crime statistics delivered today makes us remember the saying – same old, same old !

It is not necessary to analyse each individual crime category -  – that is not how the mind of the public works – South Africans  have a general and aggravated feeling of being unsafe. They KNOW that they live in a dangerous environment –whether at work, at play or at home, they are at risk of becoming a victim of crime at any time and at any place – they don’t need the stats to tell us that!!

If change is required, we cannot continue doing the same thing; and change does not only lie in law enforcement.

We are going to have to harness the WHOLE OF SOCIETY - a WHOLE OF SOCIETY – approach – if we want to make a SUSTAINBLE difference to the crime and violence besetting South African society.

EVERY government department, corporate and civil society is going to have to play their role in reducing crime.

And agencies such as NICRO must be recognised and FULLY SUPPORTED –as a partner of government – TO DO WHAT WE DO BEST – THAT IS changing offending behaviour and working to prevent the onset of crime through addressing early onset behaviours through preventive programs such as family support, safety ambassadors and intensive therapeutic work with parents and children with challenging behaviours!!!!!!

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