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Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Funding | Author: News Desk | Posted: 2018/11/13 | Views: 2004
The reality is, if we are going to save U-turn’s services to homeless people, we need your help

Over the years that we have known you, we have always considered you a friend and supporter of U-turn. Today I am writing with some somber news and an earnest request for assistance. We are asking our supporters if they can help U-turn Save Our Services (a U-turn SOS for sure!). The following gives rise to this urgent request.

Over the last 12 months, we have noticed an alarming decline in U-turn’s self-generated income. The biggest decline was felt in our retail activities but even our software consultancy services did not escape the trend. In 2016, U-turn’s self-generated income carried 48% of our expenses and in 2017, it carried 43%, but 2018 has seen a sharp decline from these healthy contributions.

As we explored the trend, we discovered that several things have contributed to this:

  •     increased riots in the Cape flats forced us to close the Philippi store for days on end
  •     donations to our clothing collection bins are significantly down
  •     (9 tons in 2018, versus 17 tons in 2017), and
  •     taxi violence and other commuter trouble have affected many of our other stores too…

All of these factors – and more – have combined meaning that U-turn’s self-generated income for 2018 is significantly lower than what we had hoped and budgeted for.

Action has been taken on all of the above. For example, bringing in new staff – coupled with campaigns – to increase clothing collections and improve retail sales. We are also seeking to invest in secure clothing collection bins (to minimize theft), and we are exploring different retail models (eg pop-up stores). Whilst these actions are already showing signs of relief, the reality is that income has not yet been restored to required levels, and months of operating at a deficit have depleted U-turn’s reserves.

To aid cashflow, some U-turn staff are already forgoing their salary, but such drastic measures cannot be maintained. The reality is, if we are going to save U-turn’s services to homeless people, we need your help. Without new support, we will be forced to cut services and lay off staff.

Please would you prayerfully consider becoming a regular financial supporter to U-turn? In reviewing U-turn’s finances, we notice that we have approximately 190 people who carry the ministry through regular financial donations. We are asking today if you would help us to keep our services going by joining that group of faithful financial supporters?

We appreciate that times are tough, and this is not an ask that we make lightly. We pray nevertheless, that you’ll decide to act sacrificially and become a financial supporter so that we can continue to serve the destitute in our city. In partnership we offer hope and restoration to the vulnerable, not just for this world, but for all eternity!

To become one of the regular financial supporters please set up a monthly recurring payment using the following particulars:

Account name: Uturn
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 270 325 824
Sort code / branch code: 02 62 09
Transaction reference: SOS + your email address
eg “SOS sam@homeless.org.za”
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
Branch: Kenilworth Centre

Alternatively, please click here to make an online payment