Kindness is easy...Shiloh Relief meets people's need

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The most successful project at the moment within Shiloh Relief is the Medical Project

We do not even need to advertise our medical services, because it is done by word of mouth through various institutions such as Radio Tygerberg, Bok Radio, old age homes, hospices, clinics and hospitals who refer patients to Shiloh Relief.

At Shiloh Relief we always try to meet people at the point of their need and the most successful project at the moment within Shiloh Relief is the Medical Project, to the satisfaction of all concerned.

One of our success stories is about Mr James. Three years ago we were approached by Mrs James of Kraaifontein, inquiring about hiring a hospital bed for her bedridden husband who suffers from Dementia and they are still using the bed today. Throughout the past three years we were able to provide her with adult nappies, liners, medical plasters, food hampers as well as moral support.

A beautiful relationship has developed between Shiloh Relief and Mrs James, which draws her to us many times. With these visits she always brings her guitar along to have it tuned, because at home she plays and sings to her husband while worshipping our Lord which calms him down while also experiencing the peace of God. He is now 80 years old and a retired pastor who also had a praise and worship ministry. Shiloh Relief’s staff has visited him a few times to make sure that the guitar stays tuned.

Our ministry impacts the community where the breadwinner in the household falls ill or loses his job. We can then help them with medical equipment, adult nappies, food parcels, clothes, furniture, etc. We also help households whose only income is a state pension.

To prevent a stampede of people at our doorstep we prefer to work through like-minded organizations and the clinics, hospitals, churches, radio stations and schools who refer people to us for assistance.
Because of the passion in our hearts for people who are suffering, we have made ourselves available as channels in God’s hands to provide for those in need.

We encourage people to go to a church where they can receive spiritual counseling or to visit a welfare officer who is willing to spend time with them, because we do not want them to be totally dependent on Shiloh Relief for everything they need.

Presently we are helping 15 families with food parcels and clothes, 12 terminal patients with hospital beds and we also have 13 wheelchairs available to be rented out.

At the moment we need mattresses and more hospital beds for the terminally ill patients.

Please contact Marietjie at Shiloh Relief cell: 084 5682 748 or email at