Ndinogona: I can

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Skills Development | Author: Rod Baker | Posted: 2012/07/22 | Views: 2705
Newly designed kit to help kids with special needs, disabilities.

Uhambo, the Shonaquip Foundation, has recently launched the Ndinogona "I can" stimulation kit for children with special needs and disabilities. The Ndinogona kit is designed to assist caregivers to interact and stimulate children with disabilities, allowing them to play and participate more in daily activities.

Play is vitally important to all children's development, as play is the way that children learn about their world and practice important life skills.
Over 100 activities and songs are included in the kit and described in the manual have been divided into 4 themes: All about me, All about food, All about family and community, All about learning
The manual helps carers to select the correct objects /toys, describes how to position children in a way that improves their ability to participate, and describes how to encourage children to communicate more. The stimulation kit is applicable in enhancing communication as well as play and participation in Activities of Daily Living.
If you would like to find out more about the Ndinogona "I can" stimulation kit, to support the Foundation or sponsor a kit, please contact us. Together we can make a difference in improving the lives of many children with special needs and disabilities. 

Contact Lorraine Frost, General Manager: Uhambo Foundation
021 762 5094