Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Safety & Security | Author: Rod Baker | Posted: 2012/09/23 | Views: 5366
Beware: California Human Right Foundation CHRF USA Invitation to Global congress on child labour.

This is a scam according to Paul Hooper, Co-ordinator, Western Cape Street Children's Forum (WCSCF). There is a new scam going around that targets NGO/NPOs. You get an email from The California Human Right Foundation CHRF US who invites you to a global Congress meeting against Economic Crisis, Child Protection & HIV/AIDS Treatment, Prostitution, Sex Work and forced Labour. Please BE WARNED IT'S A SCAM.

According to Hooper, there is no California Human Rights Foundation.

According to the internet, says Hooper, they want you to pay for your hotel before they pay for air ticket / Visa Etc. Typical, you pay for the hotel and that's the last you hear about them and then you are out of pocket a few thousand rand.

Immediate clues that this is a scam:
• The Yahoo email address.
• The logic of the invite does not make sense, it is to be in California and then immediately afterwards in Senegal.
• Suspect reply address
• No Logo
• Person who signs the email does not say from what organisation they are from.
• Dropping of big names
• Email is not personally addressed, does not say who they are inviting or why they are invited.

You have been warned!