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Sponsor a Rape Crisis Volunteer Counsellor

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You have the power to help us make a difference
The enormity of South Africa's rape statistics and the severe problems that result from our high rape rate leave many South Africans feeling angry, frustrated and helpless. But you have the power to help us make a difference.

The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust is embarking on its annual programme to train volunteer rape counsellors. These community counsellors go on to do the crucial work of helping rape survivors recover from their trauma and negotiate the long and difficult road to justice. Starting 24 August 2013, fifteen volunteers will embark on an intensive nine-month training course including three months of course work and six months of on the job training. This training costs R4 000 per volunteer. Not all candidates that show promise can afford this fee.

This is where you come in. You may want to do this training but do not have the time or you may want to make a difference but counselling is not something you have a feeling for. You can help in one of three other ways:

1. You could help by sponsoring a volunteer's training with a once off donation of R2 500 or R300/month for nine months to cover the balance once a participant has paid their registration fee of R1 500.
2. You can raise money on behalf of Rape Crisis by becoming a GivenGain activist. Run a race, host a dinner, hold a junk sale or just make good on a silly dare and get your friends to support you.
3. You can simply forward this email on to people that you think will be interested in supporting these trainee counsellors.

Here is what Abigail, a Rape Crisis volunteer, has to say about the course:
"When I was in Grade 9, a friend told me she was raped by her grandfather. I was probably the first person she had ever told. Two years later another friend told me that she was raped. From there I decided that I want to work with rape survivors and make a difference in our country where this is such huge problem. I have a passion within me for this kind of work.

"I really enjoyed the training, which was great preparation for learning to counsel rape survivors as part of the Rape Crisis team. First I was a participant and then a year later I was selected to be a facilitator on the next training course for new volunteers. I could identify with what the participants were going through and experiencing because I had been through the process myself.
"I enjoy helping these women to empower themselves and I also learn from them. It inspires me how they can go on and move forward in life despite what they have been through."

In return for your valuable support you will be invited to share in their volunteer journey through regular updates on our facebook page and to attend their graduation ceremony. Established in 1976, Rape Crisis is the oldest organisation dealing with the rape of adults in South Africa. We empower rape survivors on their journey to recovery and along the road to justice by offering them a safe space in which to share their experiences, we offer them information that helps them make all the difficult and complex decisions they face and we make sure that the support they receive is ongoing. Becoming a volunteer counsellor at Rape Crisis is in itself an empowering experience.
Thank you for supporting the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust.
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