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Investing in Rural Schools

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Corporate Social Investment (CSI) expenditure continues to grow in South Africa and amounted to R6.9 billion

According to CSI Handbook 15th Edition, education continues to receive the most support and largest share of CSI spend, however, the challenge of rural poverty and loweducation standards continue to persist in rural South Africa. 

 “The great majority of children in rural poor communities are receiving less than is their right in a democratic South Africa,” says Kagiso Trust COO Themba Mola. “Worse still, is the fact that this will have long-term effects on their opportunities for development, their capabilities and their qualityof life. Moreover, the communities in which they are located in, will continue to suffer the debilitating effects of poverty and inequality for as long as these problems remain.”

Parents who raise their children in rural areas acknowledge that their children could have better opportunities arguably in urban areas than they do in the communities they are from. The evidence is the overwhelling speed at which informal settlement areas are growing near big towns.Teachers at these schools are open about educating their own childrenin town, as even they speak frankly about the inadequate education that they are able to provide to their students.

Coupled with this, the lack of basic services such as electricity and portable wateralso continues to hinder education in rural areas asmost learners still have to do their homework using candlelight. With limited facilities such as sport grounds and computer centres, rural children are kept from developing their talents, staying out of trouble and competing on a level playing field with their urban counterparts.

“Kagiso Trust understands that without adequate infrastructure, which is particularly lacking in rural areas, educating our rural children will continue to challenge rural communities, who by the way still exist-- which is why we have spearheaded a number of infrastructure projects across the country through our various programmes – investing in schools, awarding bursaries, as well as building science and computer centres.

But we accept that we cannot do it alone. We all have the potential to make meaningful contributions that will give our children the winning chance they deserve. That is why we encourage you to heed the request to invest in:
  • Early childhood development;
  • Maths, science and language programmes;
  • Investment in rural schools’ infrastructure;
  • School-level and tertiary bursaries;
  • Whole-school development;
  • School management and leadership;
  • Teacher knowledge and continuing professional development; and
  • Children with special needs and special needs schools
To learn more about how you can get involved in investing in rural education, contact Kagiso Trust to learn more about our various programmes on (Phone) 011 566 1900 or email info@kagiso.co.za
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