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Bloemfontein Choc House Celebrates 9th Birthday

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The event was also used to launch the first fund-raising photo competition for children

On Friday, August 23, CHOC House in Bloemfontein (Stegman Street, Universitas) celebrated its ninth birthday with a hugely successful birthday party at the House of Hope – home to children fighting the nightmare of cancer while they have treatment.  Their parents or ‘guardians’ accompanying them shared in the lively party spirit.

The event was also used to launch the first fund-raising photo competition for children. This, too, was also a great success, drawing 31 entries and generating R 1,550.00. Prizes, age-appropriate toys, were given to the photographs judged first and second best. The competition stimulated interest while spreading the word about the wonderful work CHOC is doing.  It will be repeated next year and CHOC is inviting sponsorship.

CHOC Free state chairperson, Caro van Vuuren, complimented the House Managers, Rita and Dewald Paich and their team of domestic workers on their constant dedication. “Thank you so much for being the hope and voice of inspiration to parents when they are struggling to come to terms with the road they have to travel with their children,” she stated humbly. She also thanked the office staff warmly for their support in all fields. “Let’s never forget the vision we have to make the stay of our parents and children as safe and hopeful as we can,” she concluded.
Find out more about CHOC on www.choc.org.za - and give your support.
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