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Santa Shoebox Project

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Thanks to the kind-hearted, unwavering support of thousands of people across South Africa,
Santa Shoebox Project has managed to reach its target of collecting festive season gifts that will be donated to individual children, in more than a thousand children homes, orphanages, and other child care institutions across the country.

Going beyond the 100 000 target for the first time, many centres can only now start focusing on their long waiting lists, as there are still thousands of children waiting to hear whether they will be receiving a festive season gift this year.

A final sprint is therefore needed to make many more little hearts happy and the countdown is on - with only two weeks to go until the gift wrapped Santa Shoeboxes need to be dropped off at central distribution points across South Africa.
The organizers are therefore making a final appeal to donors to pledge a gift box right now - in time to make the deadline dates that range between the 18th of October and the 2nd of November.  Both Stellenbosch and the greater Johannesburg area are in special need of support, and here the volunteer networks are working around the clock to bring in the numbers needed. 
The Santa Shoebox Project has been collecting gifts for thousands of children from vulnerable social backgrounds for the past seven years. ‘Reaching the rural child’ is the essence of this year’s campaign, with the focus on increasing support to caregiving facilities in small towns and farming communities.
Donors can register and pledge online at www.santashoebox.co.za and then choose the name of a child or children they’d like to give their Santa Shoebox/es to. Age appropriate gift boxes then have to be filled according to the guidelines provided on the website, and include some practical necessities such as toothpaste and toothbrush, face cloth and soap, as well as sweets, educational supplies, a toy and an item of clothing.  
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