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NICRO’s continuous investment in good corporate governance was recently recognised at the 2013 National Lottery Board Indaba & Inaugural Awards Ceremony held in Gauteng this week.  The award for Good Corporate Governance, which included a trophy and certificate, was testimony to the remarkable achievements that NICRO has accomplished since its establishment in 1910 and recognised NICRO’s excellence in organisational governance.

NICRO Overview

NICRO is a national organisation with a long and proud 102 year history of innovative service delivery. We have, over ten decades, pioneered numerous service delivery models that have stood the test of time, have been integrated into mainstream practice and incorporated into legislation, and currently continue to form the backbone of South African contemporary social welfare practice.

NICRO’s operations have focused, primarily, on the rehabilitation of offenders (both youth and adults) and the reintegration of offenders who have recently been released from prison, while simultaneously supporting victims of crime. As the leading non-profit organisation striving to reduce crime in South Africa, NICRO has developed formal relationships with the South African government and is represented on numerous government policy structures. The organisation maintains a presence in all of South Africa’s major cities and key rural centres, is responsible for diverting over 43 250 youths and rendering direct service delivery to some 70 500 South Africans each year.

NICRO has continually adapted and grown its corporate governance structures and systems by introducing researched and proven capacity building policies and procedures that continue to ensure the application of an inclusive service delivery model.  This model takes into account the interests of NICRO’s many stakeholders - these include its management, target market, suppliers, donors, government and the community. NICRO’s corporate governance structures continue to provide the framework for attaining the organisations objectives and encompass every sphere of management, from action plans and internal controls to performance measurements and impact assessments.

These far-reaching actions have effectively fostered and promoted an enabling organisational culture and has firmly established an organisational climate geared for growth, innovation and service excellence. Through its strategic and best practice models NICRO looks forward to continuing to achieve its short and long term goals.

The importance of have a good governance organisation is seen through our success rate, With more than 80% success rate and NICRO programs being offered across the country we certainly are making a positive impact into our communities.

NICRO embarked on an organisational strategic transformation process in 2002 by developing and implementing a business model framework and centralising its core functions. This focus on corporate governance and evidence based program development served to improve the organisations service delivery and support programmes, strengthen its policies and procedures, increase internal capacity and improving overall sustainability to deliver on long-term goals.

NICRO Service Delivery Statistics

The data below is an extrapolation of the average service delivery numbers between2004-2007. These statistics are indicative of the impactful role that NICRO (as South Africa’s primary diversion service provider) and the NLDTF (as its key funder), play in addressing the needs of the marginalised and socially secluded populations of South Africa. Together, the two organisations have been successful in reducing juvenile recidivism and promoting restoration, reconciliation and the healing of individuals affected by crime.

Diversion Programme:
70,500 individuals received direct services. 70% of juvenile offenders were referred to NICRO from 52 courts.  The remaining 30% were referred back to the courts. Almost 8,000 juveniles completed the Life Skills Course. 1,332,745 community service hours were completed.

Youth Diversion: 
43,250 youth received direct services. NICRO rendered services to 91% of all children referred by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

Non-custodial Sentencing: 
4,500 referrals received from 56 local magistrate courts (80% completed intake assessments). 23 Social Auxiliary workers and 80 Social Workers employed to implement the programmes and support the rehabilitation of offenders into the community.

Offender Reintegration Programme: 
15,699 individuals benefited from the programmes nationally. 650 participants enrolled in the Mpumalanga OR programme in its first phase.
Tough Enough Programme:  Operational in 25 prisons in eight provinces, involving 26 service delivery staff and five provincial Programme Managers. 3,360 prisoners completed the programme. TEP introduced into 2 new provinces.

Bursary Programme:
243 bursaries were awarded to the children of prisoners.

NICRO Bus Service:
18,000 family members transported to four different prisons in KwaZulu-Natal and eight prisons in the Western Cape to complete programme interventions (family counselling).

Creative Arts Competition:
More than 2,000 entries received.

Victim Support Services:
Consisted of 55% of NICROs interventions until March 2006 (this intervention has now been adopted by SAPS).

Economic Opportunities Project:
Trained and developed 380 socially excluded, disabled and unemployed individuals and equipped them with the necessary skills and tools to start their own micro enterprises in the informal sector or to secure employment.

Stakeholder training:
233 partners trained in NCS program implementation.

NICRO up skilling: 
225 NICRO staffed trained including Board, Directors and service delivery staff.

The National Lottery Development Trust Fund, as one of NICRO’s primary funders – not only at a national level, but also of NICRO’s nine provincial operations – has enabled this organisation to build institutional capacity and sustain effective crime prevention and reduction services throughout South Africa.

Through its provision of essential operational and support costs funding, the NLDTF has played a major role in enabling NICRO’s National Office to effectively and efficiently fulfil its function. Without this vital funding the organisation would not have achieved the progress it has, more specifically in terms of its support programmes and operations.


National Lottery Board:  www.nlb.org.za
Contact:    012 4321473  Indaba2013@nlb.org.za

NICRO Ceremony Attendee:  Alida M Boshoff
Area Manager Gauteng
Office Number: 012 326 8115/6
Fax Number: 012 326 3681/ 086 5237 513
E-mail: alida@nicro.co.za
Twitter: @NICRO_
Facebook page: NICRO

Marketing and Media Enquiries: Jacques Sibomana
Communication & Marketing Manager
Tel: 021 462 0017
Mobile: 0833456875
Fax: +27(0)21 462 2447
Email: Jacques@nicro.co.za
Website: www.nicro.co.za
Twitter: @NICRO_
Facebook page: NICRO

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