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PPC and Cornerstone Outreach Assist New Brighton School Leavers

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Supporting school leavers in PE through skill development
Many South African school leavers are left feeling despondent due to lack of direction on what to do after they matriculate. Cornerstone Outreach centre in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, was established with the objective of helping learners such as these. It is a non-governmental organisation that helps school leavers by providing them with free computer training in order to equip them with basic computer skills.

In 2009, PPC began engaging with community members living in the areas surrounding their Deal Party factory in PE by inviting them to be part of a community forum. During these meetings, the community members had nominated and elected 5 individuals to serve as representatives for the different wards. At further quarterly meetings, it came to light that the community was facing a huge problem in the form of unemployment and also identified several projects that needed urgent attention. Having previously donated computer manuals to Cornerstone via its Corporate Social Investment Development forum {CSID}, PPC once again heeded the community center’s call for assistance when they contributed to the sponsorship of 15 deserving learners.


The sponsorship, paid for and arranged by PPC, will allow the learners to attend a 2 month training course which the Computer School will conduct every Monday to Thursday and includes facilitation in five computer courses which equip the attendees with computer skills enabling them to perform basic functions such as word processing, working with spreadsheets and sending of e-mails. 


“We support the Cornerstone training school because it is in close vicinity to the factory, situated in one of our wards, and within walking distance for all who attend the program,” advised Hugo Badenhorst, PPC PE and George, Risk Manager.


“We are grateful to PPC for coming to the aid of these learners as they face a huge challenge due to lack of funds to further their studies,” advised Phumlani Teta, Chairman and facilitator of Cornerstone Outreach. “We depend on companies like PPC for funding and look forward to a long-lasting partnership with them,” concluded Teta.


“We will visit the training centre on a regular basis to ensure that the learners attend, once all 15 learners have passed and received their certificates we will select another 15 from the three wards and assist them to obtain their certificates as well. Further guidance will be made available to the learners through the community forum.” concludes Badenhorst. 


The first students graduated from Cornerstone Outreach Computer School at a ceremony held on 1st November 2007. In total 65 students from the ages of 15 to 45 received certificates, a further 40 students will be awarded with certificates in May 2008. Cornerstone has now begun teaching classes not only to adults but also to children at local secondary schools who do not have access to computers at their school.

PPC’s support of Cornerstone Outreach is part of its dedication to long term nation building initiatives. These include investing in the empowerment of people living in the communities in which it operates. PPC believes that the way to gear these people for a sustainable future is through education and skills development, not just donations.  

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