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Magical Moments for kids

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Housing & Living Conditions, Poverty, Social & Community | Author: grahamp | Posted: 2011/04/20 | Views: 3527
Slipstream partners with NGO


Magical Moments is a registered, non-profit charitable organisation which creates "Magical Moments" and "Extra-ordinary days" for abandoned, abused, disadvantaged, neglected, orphaned, underprivileged and vulnerable children in the greater Johannesburg.

While they understand the desperate need for basic essentials such as food, education and shelter, they have focused "on the moment", so to speak. To take light where there is darkness. To take love and laughter, fun and happiness, smiles and playfulness and just perhaps to create an "Extra-ordinary Day" – a day different from yesterday and different from tomorrow - an escape and distraction from the everyday harsh realities of life. Children need to be children is their philosophy.
Volunteer ‘fairies’ assist the kids with various projects, like tie-dye T-shirts.
Slipstream’s Corporate Social Investment is ingrained in the DNA of the company and they regularly share their ‘Rainbow Wow Moment!’ with NGO’s, orphanages and skills centres, partnering with Magical Moments to expand this work. They also do a more targeted training of skills trainers to seed a culture of self-employed people in the textile industries across the country.

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