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Creating a Safe Space

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Working together to prevent sexual violence and create safe spaces in our homes, workplaces, communities and minds.

What is workplace sexual harassment? Sexual harassment in the workplace is unwelcome or unwanted attention of a sexual or romantic nature from someone at work, that causes discomfort, humiliation, offence or distress, and / or interferes with the job. This includes all such actions and practices of a sexual nature by a person or a group of people directed at one or more workers.

Examples of sexual harassment in the workplace include: *unwanted love letters or romantic proposals, *unwelcome sexual advances, *requests for sexual favours in return for employment  benefits, *the display of sexually offensive posters, cartoons or drawings, *offensive sexual jokes and *any other form of verbal or physical behaviour that the recipient regards as unwelcome or embarrassing.

Are you are informed about your workplace policies, procedures and support when it comes to creating a safe space for men and women in the workplace?

At Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust (RCCT) we believe organisations have an opportunity to create an environment for developing a personal code of conduct for employees that supports values like safety, respect, personal responsibility and mutual support. We call these Safe Space Values. Safe Space Training & Consultation Service offers a range of services aimed at assisting companies by developing or revising Sexual Harassment Policy, training managers to deal with incidents of sexual harassment, assisting employees to work together to create a safe working environment through Employee Wellness Programmes, training human resources teams on  how to support managers and supervisors dealing with disciplinary matters with regard to sexual harassment and offering testimony in sexual harassment hearings.

Is your workplace a Safe Space?

Contact:  Michelle Bergh , Safe Space Training & Consultation Coordinator

email: safespace@rapecrisis.org.za,

website: http://rapecrisis.org.za/our-services/safe-space/

Rape Crisis 24 hour help line: 021 4479762

Facebook: Safe Space Training & Consltation , Twitter: @safespacerc


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