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Human Trafficking awareness campaign

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The National Freedom Network to benefit from a human trafficking awareness campaign - 18 cyclists to cover 200 kilometres to raise over R130 000.

[DURBAN, 07 September 2015] – LexisNexis South Africa is once again on a mission to create awareness and raise funds for charities active in the field of anti-human trafficking, with its second annual Cycle Against Trafficking Challenge set to take place from the Drakensberg to Durban between 5 and 7 October.

This year’s gruelling event will see 18 cyclists, including executives, senior employees and corporate partners, cycle more than 200 kilometres in a bid to raise over R130 000 for the 2015 beneficiary, the National Freedom Network (NFN). The cyclists also participated in a pre-challenge group ride on 5 September from the Durban beach front to Umhlanga in preparation for the main challenge.

Leading the way on his bike will be LexisNexis SA, chief executive officer, Billy Last, while popular KwaZulu-Natal media personality, Damon Beard, will join the last leg of the race.

Last said anti-human trafficking initiatives formed the core of LexisNexis South Africa’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, LN Cares. “We have a range of programmes that aim to highlight the scourge of human trafficking, which is a big aspect of our global commitment to helping society uphold the Rule of Law,” he said. “We feel it is incredibly important for us to play a positive role in both local and global communities and to support and involve our employees, so that they can help improve the lives of their surrounding communities.”

Beard said he was honoured to be involved in this year’s efforts. “I'm really excited to be involved with the Lexis Nexis team,” he said. “They're making a huge difference and I'm so honoured to be a part of this incredible campaign.”

In addition, the popular jock’s Big Favour charity drive on East Coast Radio, assisted LexisNexis in fulfilling the wishes of anti-trafficking organisation, Red Light South Africa, which was in dire need of computers for staff and food hamper for victims of trafficking. 

The inaugural LexisNexis Cycle against Trafficking Challenge was a great success which raised more than R130 000 for three anti-human trafficking organisations, Mercy House in Johannesburg, Open Door Crisis Centre in Durban and Molo Songololo in Cape Town. This year’s event has attracted support from corporates including First Technology KZN, Afiswitch, Kaleidocode, Bidvest Car Rental, W Create and Gallias Harvard Communications.

The challenge aims to create awareness around the statistics that more than one million people, mostly women and children, are trafficked around the world annually. Closer to home is the fact that South Africa serves as a major source, transit and destination country for many of these victims. LexisNexis South Africa is therefore committed to combatting human trafficking by offering direct financial support, through promoting awareness, sponsoring victims support and assisting with training and education initiatives.

About the challenge

The LexisNexis Cycle against Trafficking Challenge kicks off on Monday, 5 October when the intrepid riders set out from Glengarry in the Kamberg Valley of the Drakensberg to cycle 87 km to Midmar Dam. Day 2 on Tuesday, 6 October will see them cycle a further 86km to end at Watervale Ridge in Hillcrest, Durban. The final stretch of 40km takes them to Morningside Primary School in Durban on Wednesday, 7 October where they will be welcomed by a team of cheering LexisNexis employees and business partners.

If you would like to assist the beneficiaries by sponsoring or even making a small donation you can do so by contacting Neliswa Hlombe, LexisNexis Corporate Communications & PR Manager on Tel. +27 (0)31 268 3284 or neliswa.hlombe@lexisnexis.co.za. Also see http://www.lexisnexis.co.za/cycleagainsttrafficking/

About the Beneficiary

The National Freedom Network (NFN) is the national network of counter-human trafficking role players in South Africa working together against human trafficking and exploitation through prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership. These role players include NGO’s, Businesses, churches, coalitions, government-led task teams, as well as individuals from various government departments who work against human trafficking. With provincial coordinators and various network partners across the country, the NFN aims to bring unity and cohesion to the counter-human trafficking field by being a point of connection, a channel of communication and a network of collaboration. The NFN strives to partner with and support network partners that are working in various regions across South Africa. The NFN addresses the needs the network partners and aims to provide them with a safe and reliable reporting channel for sensitive case information, valuable connections with key role players, as well as, whenever possible, monetary and in-kind support.

For more information, visit www.nationalfreedomnetwork.co.za

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