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16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM - WE NEED YOUR HELP to make them count!

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During the next 16 days, over 400 people will be sexually assaulted.
In fact, rape is the leading cause of post traumatic stress related symptoms, over and above all other types of violence. Most of the victims will have children, brothers and sisters, parents, even partners who will also be traumatised by the attack on their loved one.

Even though the campaign promotes non-violence, the harsh reality is that rape and violence against women are deeply woven into the fabric of South African Society.

That's why we urgently need more skilled and highly trained counsellors at Rape Crisis – to support rape survivors and their families on the long road to recovery and justice.

But training is expensive – and this is where your help right now would make all the difference.

Each volunteer – regardless of their financial situation – has to contribute R1500 towards their training as a sign of their commitment. That leaves a shortfall of R2500 per counsellor. And we hope to train 30 of them in the coming months!

As your commitment to 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children, please consider making a donation to sponsor a rape counsellor's training.

If you can manage the full R2500 sponsorship, it would be awesome!

But contributions of R1000, R500 or even R100 all add up; any amount you can spare towards this urgent need will be so gratefully received.

At the same time, we'll be working at grassroots level within the communities we serve, challenging perceptions and changing attitudes towards women and violence ... because preventing rape is our long-term goal.

But right now we need people – and I hope you may be one of them – who are willing to join together with us to help rape survivors rebuild their shattered lives.

By sponsoring a rape counsellor's training, you'll be part of that "magical moment when the dark cloud above a rape survivor's head lifts and she is walking in the sun again." (Angela Martinaglia – Rape Crisis Counsellor)

I hope you will also wear a white ribbon for the next 16 days – as a symbol of peace, and your personal commitment to ensuring that rape survivors get the help they need.

Thank you for supporting a campaign that affects all of us. Because until we change the way society treats women, we will never build peaceful, happy communities ... and that's where we all want to live.

Please share this with your friends, and ask them to support us as you have done.
We need as many people as possible to join in during the next 16 days.

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