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Racing Today for a Healthier Generation - Time is Ticking!

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During the time I'm out running the marathon today, 235 young people in Africa will become newly infected with HIV

I'm heading out the door to run the Amica Seattle Marathon, my second marathon in a month. Why? I'm celebrating my 42 years on the planet by raising critical funds to help young people in Africa live healthier lives. This is unacceptable and it is preventable. This is where Grassroot Soccer comes in.

By supporting my "42 for 42" Campaign, you will be empowering young people in Southern Africa with the knowledge, support, and access to health services they need to stop the spread of HIV, change the course of gender-based violence (a major contributor to the HIV epidemic), and live healthier lives.

Please act now. HIV and other health challenges won't wait.

Through a group of generous donors and sponsors, every $1 raised in this campaign will be matched 1:1. You give $1, $2 goes to helping kids - which makes GRS Sunday a much better deal than Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Will you help?


"I will be working hard on the course today and I hope you will join me by donating today ! "
Ethan Zohn - Grassroot Soccer Co-Founder

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