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Work4You Updates

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Our last newsletter for 2015! Time really flies and there’s only a few weeks left before we welcome 2016

Our Employer and Professional Breakfast took place in October. We had a very good turnout of guests and lots of networking took place. Our guest speakers were Umburto of Pick ‘n Pay Observatory and Julie Tobiansky from Merrypak. Daniel Vos, who works at Pick ‘n Pay, shared his experience of how Work4You helped him with employment. Daniel trained with us during 2014 and early 2015.

  • Thereafter we had our Open Day for interested parents and schools.
  • Some schools we visited during the year to promote Work4You include: Glenbridge, Vera School, St. Joseph’s Marist College, Eros and Batavia. We also visited De Heide Special Care Centre in Kenilworth.
  • Work4You had a fantastic attendance at the AGM this year! Masande Mdekazi was presented with Employee of the Year and Joel McKenzie was our Salesman of the Year. Well done to both of you! Angie entertained the crowed with a drumming session with our members and Peter Kramer sang an opera piece that mesmerized us all.
  • We visited Adam Bryce at Constantia Mediclinic on the day he was discharged. Graeme Russell presented him with a gift on behalf of Work4You.
  • Lynn, Roy and Sheila attended the Annual WCIFD AGM and the topic of discussion was on changes in government policies with regard to the education of young people with intellectual disabilities.
  • For Casual Day our members had fun making flower wristbands, necklaces and headbands.
  • The members got into the festive season by making Christmas mince pies and decorating the workshop beautifully for the holidays! Please feel free to come have a look.
  • One of the activities we did with our members this term was making cards. We are looking into selling the cards in the New Year and will let everyone know once it is confirmed.


Members’ Updates

The following changes took place during the past three months:

  • Luvuyo Sopazi: Luvuyo started working at Permoseal in September 4 days a week. Congrads, Luvuyo!
  • Kurt Julius: Kurt signed a 27hour week contract with Pick ‘n Pay Observatory in September. He is well liked by the staff and enjoys working there.
  • Jason Gie: Jason completed a work trial with longer shifts at Pick ‘n Pay successfully. He arrived at work and left for home independently.
  • Uldriaan Russel: Uldriaan completed a work trial at Pick ‘n Pay in September and started working there in November. Well done, Uldriaan!
  • Hannah Reeves: Hannah successfully completed a work trial at Pick ‘n Pay Observatory in October.
  • Neil Brehany: Neil resigned from Checkers in October.
  • Chris Thomson: Chris is no longer with Work4You and off of Supported Employment. Good luck for the future, Chris!
  • Nicholas Stephens: Nicholas started a work trial at Pick ‘n Pay in November.
  • Catriona Howard: Catriona left St. George’s Grammar and started working at Herzlia. She is no longer on Supported Employment and with Work4You. All the best with your new job, Catriona!

The following members completed a work trail at Clifton Products in October:

  • Hannah Reeves
  • Uldriaan Russel
  • Nicholas Stephens
  • Matthew Swanepoel
  • Jason Gie

The following members completed a work trial at Merrypak in November:

  • Joel McKenzie
  • Joanna Muller
  • Naeem Toefy
  • Matthew Swanepoel


Members Awards


  • Wagalots Worker of the Month: Sbongekonke Vilakazi
  • Employee of the Month: Luvuyo Sopazi
  • Sales Person of the Month: Joel McKenzie


  • Wagalots Worker of the Month: Nicholas Stephens
  • Employee of the Month: Brett Hackney
  • Sales Person of the Month: Joel McKenzie


  • Wagalots Worker of the Month: Naeem Toefy
  • Employee of the Month: Uldriaan Russel
  • Sales Person of the Month: Joel McKenzie

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