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Voted one of the top 10 most trusted non profits in South Africa

 Non profits are facing the most challenging times since the end of apartheid. We need to get more people, giving more to reputable causes – and you can help. Myggsa.co.za is a trusted online community for good but there’s still enormous potential to grow our community of causes to be even more representative of the non-profit sector in South Africa.

 Voted one of the top 10 most trusted non profits in South Africa, GreaterGood has helped to raise overR42 million for good causes since 2004. But there is much still to be done and there couldn’t be a better time to encourage greater giving to non profits in South Africa.

Don’t have time this Mandela Day? Refer a friend or two or three.
As an online giving community, myggsa.co.za is only as strong as the number and diversity of good people who use it. You can help us increase the community’s positive impact by suggesting it to others within your circle of influence.
·         Are you a non-profit leader? Let your supporters know that they can give to you quickly and securely by registering as a giver on Myggsa.co.za.
·         Are you a giver? Let the causes you love know that they can receive donations online and recruit volunteers through Myggsa.co.za. It’s FREE!
·         Are you an engaged citizen? Refer your friends to Myggsa.co.za to find a volunteer project or other opportunity on Mandela Day. Everyone has something to give.
Whoever you are, you can help South Africa by growing the community of givers and good causes.
Simple ways to help
Here are some other things you can do to help:
·        Spread the word. Do you use Myggsa and love it? You’re the perfect person to talk about your experience to others. Go for it. Email info@ggsa.co.za and we can provide you with a presentation pack.
·        Include information about the myggsa online community in your next newsletter. We’re happy to provide you with content or put you in touch with other myggsa members so you can get a first-person perspective.
·         Publicise your participation. Put information about Myggsa on your website, blog or in your email signature. For example, “I’m on Myggsa. Are you?”
Have another idea?
You can reach us at info@ggsa.co.za. We’d love to hear from you.
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