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Stoogle Hits the Road, Jack

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Local Cape Town Start-up Stoogle embarks on a 20-day roadshow to offer free workshops and career advice to South African students.

On the 23rd of May 2016, a small team will leave Stoogle’s head offices in Salt River, Cape Town to begin a road trip long the coast of South Africa. The team will visit over 30 schools and chat to more than 16 000 high school learners about career decisions, tertiary studies, and the online portals that Stoogle has built, free to use for the learners.

Stoogle’s focus, since inception in 2015, has been to pledge support for learners and students considering career options, prospects for a tertiary education and other aspects of ‘life after school.’

“We’ve built online solutions to a number of inefficiencies in the provision of information and services for South African learners,” says Ben Rath, Roadshow Skipper and a founder at the company.  “A big concern is that there are so many learners not fortunate enough to have Internet access and the necessary technology that enables them to access our solutions. This is why we need to keep allocating the time and resources we can to reaching out to these kids.”

During the roadshow, the team also hopes to engage with teachers and principles at the schools to offer support in preparing their learners for life after school. “Our relationship with educators is essential. We might not be able to chat to all of South Africa’s youth (…yet), but we can support all of the country’s educators, which is incredibly valuable,”
says Ben.

The Stoogle team invites corporate sponsors and partners to contact them at team@stoogle.co.za for sponsorship and branding opportunities on their roadshow. Their roadshow publications, videos, and blogs will be posted to the  Stoogle.co.za website and all related social media accounts - this amounts to a combined user base of over 350 000 learners across SA.

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