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Strike a Rock

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South Africa just celebrated National ‪Women's Day

We were reminded to pay homage to the woman of South Africa who fought against the Apartheid government and celebrate the women in our country. It was wonderful to take a day to honour courage and strength in the pursuit of a better society and remember that women and have changed (and continue to change) the world.


We would like to say thank you; to the generations women who fought for freedom; to those who continue to stand up against discrimination, abuse, and misogyny; to those whose achievements and contributions (in every sphere) serve as constant sources of inspiration; and to the men who stand with us to hold up the values of fairness, respect and equality throughout South Africa and the world.

I hope that you find inspiration in the work of the incredible women below. And may we all strive to be, as Marienne Thamm eloquently put it, 'heirs of liberation and truth' within the multiple and intersecting movements of our time. 

With thanks and determination,

The Active Editor



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