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We're On a Buzz About Buggies

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... and our big buzz is the planning for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017. We have identified the 3 young warriors to experience the Cycle Tour.

But that's not all...  we are elated to have 3 super-human cyclists step forward to volunteer their time, muscles and care to pull the children in the buggies on the world's largest timed cycling event's 109km course. In fact, we have another offer of muscles, so we're hoping to add a 4th team. So keep an eye on our next newsletters as we introduce you to the teams and keep you posted on our progress.

It has been a busy but fantastic month on the Warrior front. We had a wonderful day on the Breede River with 14 amazing families, we attended the Cape Town Tourism AGM, and we shared the WOW story with others at the Autism Expo Cape Town, as well as at the West Coast Responsible Tourism Conference.

To make this possible, we are relying on the generosity of sponsors to have the buggies manufactured, the cycling jerseys designed and made, and also, the support of individual cyclists who would like to ride to create awareness for our foundation. To get involved, email info@warrioronwheels.co.za.


Zeah is 11 years old. She loves going away on vacations out of town. She also loves watching her favourite TV shows and going to eat at restaurants. She enjoys going on the train to Simons Town and feeding the birds in parks around Cape Town.

What her family say about her participation in the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017:

"We are very excited about Zeah participating in the cycle tour next year, I feel that this will be a great experience for her to enjoy something that only a few have a chance of being part of. Her entire family feels blessed by this rare opportunity for Zeah."
Ruan had a near drowning accident when he was 4½, he has just turned 19.  Although Ruan is pretty much dependant on others for all his caretaking, he has come a miraculously long way since his original diagnosis. He is still very dependent on others, but has loads of character, a wonderful sense of humour and is extremely sociable!  He also has a very good memory, and we believe it is this that has him so excited about doing the cycle tour.  When he was still at “school”, even at crèche, they would usually make a big fuss of all large sporting events, and he hasn’t forgotten any!! When I told him he would be taking part in the “argus” as that is how he remembers it, he gave his extremely excited screech! ! Sorry, I forgot to mention that Ruan is non-verbal, but he does have great body language!
Ruan recently obtained a specially adapted tricycle, which he cycles on every day if the weather permits, and when I told him about taking part in the cycle tour, the first thing he did was look outside to where his cycle stands during the day – it took some explaining to get across that he wouldn’t actually be cycling himself.
He is, as are we, very excited for Ruan to do this – it is such a joy to be able to include him in “normal” activities and fill his life up with things other boys his age would be doing!  He sees all this going on around him, and completely understands it all, so when he too can participate, it opens up a whole new world for him.  We, his parents, are extremely grateful for this opportunity for Ruan and extend our most gracious thanks to Warriors on Wheels for considering him a good candidate!!  Nothing on earth can replace these types of experiences for guys like Ruan!!
Damian has loved the outdoors, animals, and adventure from a young age and will be turning 18 years old in November this year. He has an incredible attitude and zest for life, and is always up for trying something new.

Damian is no stranger to the Cycle Tour, having participated in the past four. The first two, he was towed by mom, Deirdre, but for the last two, and the upcoming 2017 Cycle Tour, he has a fantastic partnership with super-human cyclist, Wolf Stinnes.
The Cape Town Cycle Tour has been the highlight of each year for us, and Damian loves being a part of the spirit and camaraderie on the road. As always, we want to express our gratitude and immense respect for the organisers of the Cycle Tour for the lengths they have gone to in making it possible for the buggy teams to participate, and ensure safety for all.




We are relying on sponsorships to manufacture the buggies, so here is your opportunity to sponsor and #BrandABuggy to make it possible for our differently-abled warriors to participate. info@warrioronwheels.co.za

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