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Soccer for Change

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If you know anything about this beautiful country of ours, you will know that we are soccer-loving nation.

When the PSL season begins, stadiums fill up with brightly clothed supporters from all walks of life. Soccer is a language everyone can understand and it is what unites us. Soccer has also been one of the sporting disciplines that has the ability to transform the lives of at-risk children and teenagers and place them on the world’s stage.

Cape Town is an area that is well known for gangsterism and drugs and many young people find themselves susceptible to joining these gangs as they provide a sense of family and belonging. Ubuntu4All in its fight against the gangsterism epidemic, amongst many others provides different outlets for young people to express themselves and to find that sense of belonging.

On the evening of the 26th of October, 20 boys and girls from Ubuntu4All attended a Premier Soccer League game with Ajax Cape Town taking on WITS. This outing was arranged as a reward for being focussed and steering their lives in the right direction. The game was action packed, and the group of teenagers being from Cape Town were supporting their home team. That is until WITS started winning the game!

Being away from their usual surroundings provided the girls and boys an opportunity to see life beyond what their reality is. It provides an opportunity for them to realise that if players such as Moeneeb Josephs (also from Cape Town) were able to escape a life of gangsterism and drugs and end up playing on world stages, they too are able to use their gifts and talents to turn their lives around!

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