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The University of California, Los Angeles - known commonly as UCLA - is located in the foothills of Beverly Hills, California

This may seem like a distant place for SOSA Investments to have representation; However, when analysed further one can note that UCLA is ranked as the most sustainable university in the world, and thus is the perfect location to learn about cutting edge, renewable energy ideas.

Through our managing partner, Luke Mostert, who is an undergraduate Economics and Globalization Major at UCLA, SOSA is able to not only learn about the latest trends in renewable technology, but also form partnerships with the companies creating such innovative, new products.

Only a couple weeks into his 2016 school year, Luke is already in partnership talks with a new company taking the portable power bank market by storm. The company known as “Flux Chargers was born out of the increasing need for power that we all have been experiencing over the last couple years, as identified by Tesla's owner Elon Musk.” The trending business, founded in 2015 by four of Luke’s peers at UCLA, has already sold their powerbank chargers in over fifty countries worldwide, and has been ranked the number one power bank by a number of tech media platforms such as the acclaimed online platform - Yahoo Tech.

Currently deep in partnership talks, Flux chargers may soon be sold throughout Africa, through SOSA’s distribution network - linking strongly back to our holistic aim of making the latest technology available to all on our continent.

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