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Drakenstein recycling Waste Project top of mind.

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The proposed Waste Recovery, Beneficiation and Energy project recognises the economic potential of the Drakenstein waste stream for all waste management role players within the district and the importance of local recycling entities.

The operation of the proposed facility seeks to enhance local business and job opportunities while ensuring the current market for local recycling businesses is not negatively impacted.  Drakenstein Municipality aims to address its waste management problem of dwindling landfill air space by working in synergy with existing local recycling and waste service providers. “The proposed facility aims to operate alongside local waste service providers in a way that will ensure their access to the local recyclable waste stream is not hindered. Every municipality has informal waste pickers and local recycling groups who are already working in this space, therefore, this has been carefully considered in the design and operation of the facility,” says Lauren Waring, Municipal Manager of Drakenstein Municipality. 

The municipality has identified the need to address the ever depleting landfill space by means of a Public Private Partnership agreement (PPP) with Interwaste aimed at adopting an internationally proven approach of deferring the waste that would have gone to landfill into a facility that can derive value from it.

The proposed project has recognised municipal waste as a potential resource, instead of a liability, that can be beneficially recovered. This forms the basis of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) which will be the first operation of the proposed facility focused on separating the recyclable waste fraction from the non-recyclables.  The primary input for the MRF is the portion of municipal waste that would have added to the overly burdened Wellington landfill site and consists of materials such as paper, glass, metal and plastic. The recoverable materials stream which provide valuable business for local recycling and waste management entities will not be impacted at all by the project as it not part of the collected municipal waste stream.

“An attempt to separate waste at the source in order to contribute to the efficiency of the MRF will look at the continued PPP roll out of the recycling system, which will in turn create employment opportunities and jobs for local entrepreneurs,” says Leon Grobbelaar, Director of Facilities Management at Interwaste. Currently, these materials are mixed with the domestic waste collected by the Municipality and not in any way recovered.

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