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Clover story of dairy unfolds during National School Health Week:

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'School Health Week' in South Africa, what better way to keep this important conversation going, with a visit to Clover's Visitor centre.

In celebration of the important week, which has brought focus to healthcare at schools, Clover is delighted to introduce school children, scholars and teachers to the world of milk - which provides a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. Learners and their teachers are invited to come take a tour at their brand new facility that provides an educational and behind the scenes dairy and beverage experiences.

The visitors centre assures to showcase an exciting and fun learning experience, where the learners will watch the story of dairy unfold, and Clover be brought to life! Learners will be able to have a closer look into the people, places and animals behind one of the most iconic and trusted brands in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The students will be educated on how Clover’s operations work and just how special and important the process is, to help educate the learners about the essentials of milk and the need for a healthier lifestyle. At the end of the tour, kiddies also get to try free samples of delicious Clover products.

The Clover Visitors Centre is managed by Prof Elain Vlok who also heads up Clover’s Corporate Services and champions the Clover Mama Afrika project, Clovers Corporate Social Investment initiative. Schools that are interested in visiting the centre may book online, by visiting https://clovervisitorscentre.com/.

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