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Mamelani - Celebrating Women !

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Mamelani’s Community Health Programme is working in different ways to contribute to the wellbeing of the participants we work with.

As the weather starts to turn and we can feel the chill in the air, we thought we would warm your hearts with some updates from the Mamelani Team. Firstly, we welcome two new people on our team: Noncedo Mkhohli joins the Health programme as our new ARV Adherence Club Facilitator and Lily Chauvean-Caron joins the Youth Programme as a volunteer.

Mamelani’s Community Health Programme is working in different ways to contribute to the wellbeing of the participants we work with. The Wellness Workshops have started this year and we are currently offering workshops to participants from Kuyasa, Khayelitsha, Mfuleni, Site B and Philippi. We are excited that in this training cycle we are working with an increased number of male participants. Mamelani is always looking for ways to include men in the programme and so we are encouraged that there are men present in 5 of the 7 groups we are working with.

Noncedo, our new ARV Adherence Club Facilitator started her work at Kuyasa Clinic in February. She has already recruited two new Community Clubs – that is 30 HIV positive patients who will now be able to access treatment from a community-based setting every second month through a 45-minute group session, instead of needing to spend hours waiting at the clinic every month. We are excited providing community-based care in partnership with the health system.

Mamelani is also working with a group of inspiring grandmothers. They have chosen the name “Masikhulisane Bogogo” which means “Let us grow together”. This group of phenomenal grandmothers have chosen to focus on strengthening their own skills and knowledge so that they can be a better resource for those they are helping.

Mamelani Community Champions in Hermanus!

We closed the year last year with a camp for the Mamelani Community Champions in Hermanus to celebrate the journey thus far and to mark the end of the first phase of the process. The participants shared that the graduation ceremony on the camp was a real highlight – where they felt valued and affirmed for the contribution that they make. The time away was also really important, as you can imagine many of the Champions who work tirelessly for their communities, time away to celebrate and nourish themselves, was seen as a real gift! The time away created space for them to reflect on their journey with Mamelani and acknowledge their growth over this time. From the start of this year, we will be offering one on one mentoring to each of the Champs to build on their vision and strengthen their interventions.

Shout Out To The 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour Mamelani Movers!

Unfortunately, this year’s Cycle Tour was cancelled due to the strong Cape Town winds but the Mamelani Movers’ efforts were not in vain as the funds raised will still go a long way to providing skills training opportunities for the young people and women that we work with.  We are grateful to the 30 riders and the 151 individuals who backed them on their fundraising campaigns. Collectively they fundraised just over R 58 000!

A huge shout out to the Top 3 fundraisers: Isaac Mwanza, Grant Rock and Catherine Morris for raising over R10 000, R6 000 and R4 000 respectively.

Special thanks also goes out to our prize donors who helped us to thank our Mamelani Movers for their efforts.

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