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Clover News: East London Mama celebrates Madiba Day with opening of Community Tea Garden

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Clover Mama Afrika, Clover’s CSI project, together with one of their loyal project partners, MiX Telematics, show their support for Madiba Day

Clover Mama Afrika, Clover’s CSI project, together with one of their loyal project partners, MiX Telematics, have shown their support for Madiba Day by assisting Clover Mama Afrika’s, Mama Nondumiso Mpitimpiti, of the Step Ahead Bakery in Amalinda Forest, East London, with the launch of her brand-new tea garden.


Mama Nondumiso’s bakery has been renovated and stocked with items critical to the success of her new tea garden. This will ensure she is able to better serve her customers and further grow her small business. The renovation of the bakery is a result of her recent win at Clover Mama Afrika’s Smarties Week*, where she received the Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award - resulting in a donation by MiX Telematics.

In addition, she also received the Madiba Week award - proudly sponsored by MiX Telematics –given that since becoming a Clover Mama Afrika mama, she has shown true ability in maintaining the infrastructure within her centre and surrounding area. 
Mama Nondumiso has been with the Clover Mama Afrika project for just over a year however,  she has already made a huge impact since her appointment in May 2016. She cares for 104 pre-school children and five foster homes with 24 orphans, while coordinating a further 210 preschools in the Eastern Cape region. 
Professor Elain Vlok, manager for Clover’s corporate services and founder of Clover Mama Afrika explains, “Nondumiso is a selfless woman who provides unconditional support within her community. We are proud to be able to assist her in opening her tea garden, as we believe that this will help ensure that her community further benefits from her bakery and centre. We truly admire her dedication and commitment and we know she will continue to play a huge part in making a change that we need in our country.”
Mariette Myburgh, HR and Transformation Executive at MiX Telematics adds, “We are extremely proud to once again be part of the Clover Mama Africa initiative, in a bid to empower women doing amazing things within our communities. This initiative aligns perfectly with the vision and ethos of what MiX Telematics stands for from a transformation perspective, and we are therefore, honored to be a part of the training and upskilling of community members such as Mama Nondumiso.” 
Vlok adds, “What an honour and pleasure to work with and be supported by such a company. MiX Telematics is a valuable supplier to Clover of vehicle tracking, driver safety, and fleet management and has been supporting Clover Mama Afrika for the last six years. It is crucial partnerships and sponsorships like these that provide our mamas with the incentive to do better and to be better, and with the equipment they need to prosper - we just can’t do it alone.”
Before & After: The building renovation that was done to accommodate selling points at Step Ahead Bakery. A neat cement pathway was also built to ensure “no muddy feet” going to the bakery.
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