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We're celebrating Greenpop's 7th birthday

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Environment & Bio-diversity | Author: francoiso | Posted: 2017/09/14 | Views: 2051
They say that 7-year cycles are significant and bring reflection and important shifts

I want to say a huge thank you for joining the Greenpop community in the past 7 years - you have been part of our formative years and I am deeply grateful for your part in getting us to this point. Every person who has opened our newsletter, attended an event, helped us with a project or gotten their hands dirty has played a part in getting us here - thank you!

So here's the shift - it's Arbor Month and, at Greenpop, trees are at our roots. But after putting 80 000 trees in the ground over the last 7 years, we think it’s time to branch out. In response to Cape Town’s severe drought and looming water crisis, we are expanding our urban greening projects to include indigenous water-wise plants such as fynbos and renosterveld.


To celebrate this shift, we've set an exciting goal to take us into our next 7-year cycle - we need to raise R150,000 by 30 September 2017 to allow us to start planting water-wise gardens and running water conservation workshops at under-resourced schools.


It's ambitious but we know that it IS POSSIBLE! 


Today, I am emailing to ask you to join us once again to help us launch this important project.


Please CLICK ON THIS LINK and donate whatever you can. Every contribution (small and big) counts. I am emailing 3000 people today and if everyone donates just ZAR 50, we can make this happen. 


That's the power of collective action!


Thank you again for being a legend and helping us reach this 7-year milestone. We're committed to another 7 years of greening our beautiful planet!


Misha Teasdale 

Greenpop Tree-E-O


PS: Remember last year's cheeky #GotWood campaign? You should check out our follow-up campaign: #GotBush? If you like it, give it a share to your networks and help Greenpop Get Bush this Arbor Month. :)

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