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Thank You CareCube.org

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We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness we received from this public benefit organization.

They have generously helped our Epping branch with a number of upgrades as well as provided state of the art medical equipment to our Hospital. We are able to work more efficiently and effectively due to all the support and donations.

Carecube.org your generosity has allowed us to create a hospital that we are proud of and we could not have done it without you. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for the aid you have provided us, that will allow us to help the animals in our communities in a better way.

Please follow this LINK to see more about the work carecube.org has done for us   :  http://carecube.org/


Peter Pan has been through hell and back. He was picked up as a stray in Gugulethu after he was hit by a car. He came in with injured left and right hind legs and wounds on his face and body. We had to perform a femoral head excision to save his left hind leg, but because he has lost so much muscle mass, the only way for a full recovery is to receive physiotherapy. Pet wellness Worx is generously helping Peter Pan each week by offering a whopping 50% discount on his physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and giving him lots of freebies. We also received a generous donation of mobility c2p+ food from Royal Canin, to keep Peter Pan's joints mobile. The public has provided Peter Pan with enough donations to make his life as comfortable as possible, by supplying him with the right supplements and equipment. Thank you to everyone involved in helping Peter Pan with his recovery. To read more about his recovery please follow this LINK and follow us on Facebook to see weekly updates.
P.S: Peter Pan (+/- 8 Months Old - Husky Cross) is looking for his FOREVER loving home, he is waiting for YOU at our Epping branch.


From the streets of Balvenie to Edgemead! We are overwhelmed with joy that Twiggy has found her happy ever after. She has come a long way with us; she arrived petrified of people and in horrendous condition and we are so glad to see her leaving us, as a loving and beautiful dog who has regained her trust in people. You go girl, we are so happy for you! Thank you Mr. Alfie Schrickker for giving Twiggy the chance she deserves. To read more about Twiggy's story please follow this LINK. 

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