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Frontier Inn CSI initiatives

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Ikemeleng Multipurpose Centre has been in operation for 15 years (established in 2002) and assists the community of Bohlokong.

The centre assists 80-100 children from the community. These include orphaned and vulnerable children from the community as well children with mental disabilities from the nearby Motshepuwa Public School. The following services are provided to the children: provision of home cooked meals, after school activities including homework and sports activities. The centre also assists the children to obtain birth certificates and Identity documents so they could access Government relief services such as grants.

They also provide counselling and voluntary testing for those that are affected or infected with HIV so they can start with ARV treatment.

The Frontier Inn Community Dihlabeng Trust (FIDCT) has decided to step in and assist with the following donations:

-  A Gas stove:  To alleviate the escalating electricity costs.
-  Cooking utensils: To assist with more efficient cooking.
-  Sports Equipment: Soccer and Netball kits were donated because the children are often invited to play at various charity tournaments.

The total cost for the above mentioned donations so far is R15,015. As the FIDCT, our work at the centre is not done yet as we will be supporting them with nutritional groceries over the next year.

Pinnacle Youth Development:

The Pinnacle Youth Development is a youth programme situated at Mashaeng Fouriesburg which focuses and address the needs of youth in that area. The Frontier Inn Dihlabeng Community Trust supported them with sponsoring their attire,Pro spec caps, beanies, trousers, knitted gloves, travellars bags, trolley bags, pace socks, sprint cross trainers tekkies, water bottle, water bottle carriers and BRT telk trainer t-shirts.

Tshepang Educare Centre was supported by Frontier Inn Dihlabeng Community Trust and assistance was provided in the following ways: Shaded covered area for the children to play under including a sandpit, DVd player for their visual activities, stationary to stimulate hand activities and to exercise their muscles.  The Practisioners were also kitted out with shirts as uniform!  Frontier Dihlabeng Community Trust spend a total of R12 342.00  towards the Tshepang Educare Centre

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