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Exciting News! UCT’s support process begins for Sophakama!

Categories: Education
Major focus area for Rogz Academy Books & Beyond team over next three plus years will be the School Management, Curriculum & Teacher Support Programme

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the Schools Development Unit (SDU) at the University of Cape Town (UCT), who are able to offer expertise and well-founded research to our thinking about the implementation of this programme.

The first steps of the process began at the school this term! Patti Silbert and Gary Powell from the SDU conducted a ‘case study’ at the school (using observations/interviews/focus groups)

They will provide a written report and, together with the school, determine key development priorities and decide on appropriate solutions.

They were very excited and complimentary about how Sophakama has embraced this opportunity!

We look forward to the next stages of the programme. Watch this space!






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