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THIS APP NEEDS TO BE AVAILABLE TO EVERY CHILD TODAY - The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App ...

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It has been developed for use in schools to safeguard children, to allow them to speak out on issues that they would otherwise be too scared to talk.

The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App

In 2017, we met with Principles of the world at ICP (International Conference of Principles) in Cape Town. The response to our internationally patented, “Guardian Anonymous Reporting App” was phenomenal.  It has been developed for use in schools to safeguard children, to allow them to speak out on issues that they would otherwise be too scared to talk about (such as bullying, drugs, sexual assault etc.), but anonymously. This may be challenges that they are facing, or secrets about friends that they are too scared to disclose for fear of violating friendship trust.

Shortly after attending the conference we were contacted by the Office of the MEC in Gauteng, after the terrible, highly publicised case regarding a security guard in Soweto who sexually assaulted over 80 children. They were looking for a solution to ensure that something as terrible as this never happens again. They immediately saw massive merit in this product and suggested that we meet with the DOE National Office. The National Office, after hearing what our app can do for safety of children, suggested to all provinces that they consider our solution. We were then contacted by all Provinces asking us to come meet them. This is testimony to the need across the country for better safety of children. We embarked on a road trip and visited every single province.

The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App has since been rolled out in schools (ex Model C, Private and Rural) across the country. The results have been staggering. In all these 3 demographics, schools are extremely impressed with the information that is coming in, and in certain circumstances shocked.

The only concern by some officials was the fact that some learners may anonymously make false reports. This has not been our experience, and that may be because there are structures in place to deal with this.

With endorsements and recommendations now coming in from Department of Education (DOE), South African Principles Association (SAPA) and National Association of School Governing Bodies (NASGB), The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App is a preferred and highly effective solution for every school in South Africa.

With no way of being sure that a child does not become a child abuse statistic in South Africa, The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App offers very real solutions to combat child abuse and safeguard your children. As a Principal/Teacher or Parent, if The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App is not already in your school, you really need to be asking why?

For assistance in implementing The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App into your school please contact us on 031 001 01 01, email sales@theguardian.co.za or visit us at www.theguardian.co.za.

How does it work?

  1. The school signs up with us for a license fee of R500/month or R6000/year.
  2. Learner downloads the app for free and registers by choosing their school from the dropdown box.
  3. Learner reports on challenges they are facing, or challenges facing friends such as Bullying, Racism, drugs etc
  4. The report is sent to 3 predefined staff members at the school. NOT TO THE GUARDIAN.
  5. The school can then investigate the allegation and fix the problem
    If the anonymous reporting learner has not sent enough information for the teacher to investigate, the teacher can go back to the learner to ask for more information but will never know the identity of the reporting learner.
  6. Once the issue has been resolved the educator can close the report.

This solution is easy to use, seen as extremely beneficial by learners, educators, SGB’s and parents and is extremely cost effective at R500/month/school for everything. (given that most software products are licenced per user and ours is per school, no matter how big or busy your school is.)



Contact us today on 031 001 01 01 or email sales@theguardian.co.za or visit us at www.theguardian.co.za, because the fact is that every day you wait is another day that the learners at your school sit with information.

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