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"The Roots of the NGO Crisis in South Africa: A Look Beyond the Surface"

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Capacity Building & Resource Mobilization
Frank Julie, in his penetrating book, provides a careful analysis of historical aspects of South Africa’s NGO sector.

He then discusses the lessons learned from history on the political front and on the leadership learning front, alluding frequently to the ways in which the dialogue in South Africa was influenced by the dialogue in other parts of Africa.

Declaring that the way the practitioners in South Africa look at the problem is “part of the problem,” he concludes that “Enough evidence exists that many of us actually colluded in our own downfall and may have helped (consciously or unconsciously) to precipitate the current endemic crisis in the sector."

(Prof Karla Simon, Editor in Chief, International Journal for Civil Society Law, Catholic University of America)

Roots of the NGO crisis in South Africa - A look Beyond the Surface
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