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Childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Education | Author: News Desk | Posted: 2018/10/12 | Views: 859
Congratulations to yet another group of ladies who successfully completed their Jubilee Excellence Schools (JES) training.

Teachers are recruited from the community where the school is based, the majority of them being previously unemployed.
The recruited ladies receive 10 weeks of training before they are placed in one of our JES schools. The training focus on holistic development while taking background, context and challenges into consideration and prioritises each person’s spiritual and emotional welfare. After successfully completing their training, the Shiloh Education team offers continuous in-service training and monitoring.

The JES curriculum is designed to teach the children the correct use of the provided equipment.  The children are taught through interaction (or play) with equipment. Continues learning happens through working with the equipment so the children are not only dependent on the teachers.

After the initial ten weeks training, teachers are enrolled for either their Level 4 or 5 Early Childhood Development qualifications after which they are ready to enroll for a B-ed.

One of the new teachers wrote:

For me it was amazing, exciting, knowledge and skills which you can even use at your home, family and in the community. I wish all of the best for the future, because your presenting was amazing. We must be grateful to have people like you three.

Thank you for the training, I’ve learned good things here, if you felt SAD or want to give UP, you were there to cheer us up. Your prayers give me strength, power and most of all I could have time for my God or with Him.

The curriculum is very important for every child for the future, emotional and physically. I. would use it even for my grandchildren. Kids who make use of the curriculum are special and will be independent, how lucky they are.

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