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The Zerho Toilet is a fast, cost-effective and permanent intervention, which can be implemented wherever safe & sealed waterless sanitation is needed.

“There is currently a large backlog of more than 2 million (homes needing sanitation), especially in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and rural areas. Thus the DWS prioritised using less water.”  (Household Sanitation Technology Assessment and Evaluation Protocol Presentation and Minutes - Sanitation Suppliers Workshop, 29th June 2015 – presented by DWS and Dept of Science and Technology). 

Zerho took part in this 2015 SanTech Assessment.  Of the large number of respondents, only nine (9) suppliers made up the final Supplier Dossier List, and the Zerho is one of these.

Implementation of the Zerho Toilet will save m/billions - by negating the need for new reticulation and expensive centralised infrastructure for black water treatment. 

The target market (environment) is wherever water-borne sanitation is not an option. The target market (people) is everyone who doesn’t have safe sanitation in their home. 

The target market (buyer) is every private organisation that is legislated to contribute toward Corporate Responsibility Initiatives; and every Government entity mandated with water and/or sanitation – whether this is the main- or side-impact of their work.  Examples are the departments of Health and Welfare, Rural Development, Housing, Basic Education – among others.  Safe Sanitation impacts on everything.

The Zerho Waterless (and Dry) Toilet is less bulky than most other products and therefore less expensive and time-consuming to install. The Zerho can be relocated when necessary.

The Zerho is both WATERLESS and DRY. This is achieved by (1) the separation of liquids and solids; and (2) the natural DEHYDRATION process created by solar heat on the unit, combined with effective airflow. A specific benefit of the effective airflow through the unit is the absence of odours and flies.

The Zerho Toilet is designed specifically with the family in mind – one unit serves a household of <10 people.   It is light weight (80kg); and due to its small dimension (160cm in diameter), it can be fitted (or retro-fitted) INTO a home.    The Zerho is CHILD SAFE.

The once-off cost per Zerho unit is R9 500 excl VAT.  Any top structure can be used.  Fully installed (depending on the structure) is approximately R15 000 per unit.

Manufacturing is outsourced to Pioneer Plastics who have production plants in Rosslyn, Pretoria and also in Cape Town.  Faced with the challenge of providing safe sanitation, the planned decentralised manufacturing of the Zerho Toilet is the only sustainable way to respond to the demand.


How much would safe sanitation impact on the people in your specific area(s) of influence? 

What if each individual NGO/organisation requests and receives funding to initiate their own TEN TOILET PROJECT?
The Ten Toilet Project is an initiative focussed on starting the rollout of as many Zerho Toilet units as we can get funding for - ongoing.   Ten units is a good-sized Pilot Project to prove viability in user homes; and to set up the associated sustainable projects like community food gardens using the composted dry waste.

The NGO would be the first connection point with the supplier. The vision is that the community embrace the implementation and associated activities for themselves; and takes the greater responsibility for further rollouts.  Mentorship is offered throughout the process, with a cooperative mind set being employed.

Benefit is offered for the work to be done by the NGO/NPO (of at least R500 per unit); paid from Zerho’s margin.  Local labour for the implementation process is also factored in.

Safe sanitation is a burning point in any community. We still don’t have all the answers and every project would also be different - so collaboration and your feedback is very important.  

I hope to hear back from you soon.

In service,
Janice Whitehead
Email:  janice@zerho.co.za
Mobile:  072 819 2060

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