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You can help kids learn to read

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Let's teach the world to READ ! Can you help ?

Ripple Reading uses a neuro-cognition approach to develop reading and comprehension skills for Grade 1 – 3 learners.

They turn classrooms into exciting, fun, multi-sensory adventures - a world of language acquisition and reading with understanding. Taking into consideration a child’s potential barriers to learning; such as socio-economic background, level of language acquisition, family setting, schooling and community setting, Ripple Reading's educators design unique programmes to suit each learner’s needs.
There are 4 easy ways how you can help...

  1. Promote the Ripple Reading forgood profile through your social networks. The more awareness we can generate, the better. Click through and hit that SHARE button!
  2. Donate multi-sensory art materials (e.g. play dough, arts and crafts material) for their learning experiences.
  3. Collect stationery from your work colleagues. Many parents of children in disadvantaged areas do not have the money to equip their children with all their classroom needs.
  4. Fund a Ripple Reading project. In order to provide robust data and evidence of its work within the educational sector, Ripple Reading needs to formalise its operations and set up a measurement framework. As a result, Ripple Reading needs your assistance to raise R67 800 to utilise the M&E specialists - M&Esure, and to create the framework that will measure the following outputs: 1) A situational analysis; 2) A logic model and theory of change; and 3) A measurement and reporting framework. The project will be undertaken in three phases dependent on budgetary constraints.

Your donation will qualify for an 18A Tax Exemption Certificate


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