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Proudly SA and SACTWU respond to imported formal suits worn by Bafana Bafana en route to Egypt

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Proudly South African and the Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers Union (SACTWU) have noted with dismay the photos of Bafana Bafana travelling to and from Egypt for their recent AFCON campaign wearing wholly imported suits sponsored by Damat.

Proudly South African has already begun to engage with some of our sporting codes including SARU and national body SASCOC on the issue of imported apparel. We understand the financial imperatives of sourcing clothing sponsors for on and off the field wear and the need to acknowledge sponsors on social media and in photo opportunities, but we condemn the choice of imported items where there are quality equivalents here in South Africa.

Whilst technical specs may require some kit items to be manufactured overseas, all track suits, and formal and informal wear of the teams and technical staff can be sourced in South Africa. We are asking the sporting codes, when entering into sponsorship discussions, to make reasonable, partial localisation a condition of the contract.

The current economic climate and high unemployment rate, including the high number of jobs that remain at risk, requires all our support. National sporting teams receive enormous support from South Africans and the we call on them at least to support the economic agenda of the country. On the specific matter of the Bafana Bafana foreign suits, SACTWU and Proudly South African call on SAFA immediately to engage local suit manufacturers to find a local alternative. If President Ramaphosa can go to great lengths to source local suits as in his State of the Nation Address example, why can SAFA not do so?

Proudly South African will be convening an indaba of sports administrators, the Department of Sports, Arts & Culture and clothing manufacturers who sponsor our national teams and local clubs in order to find a workable solution that will benefit our local clothing and textile industry which continues to suffer from such examples of poor procurement choices.

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