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Need your cat spayed? Try the Spayathon...

Categories: Animal Welfare, Social & Community
... and make a difference in a young girl’s life…

If you know of anybody who needs to have a cat spayed, pass this on… Dr. Theron, a veterinary surgeon based in Kuils River, Cape Town, is mounting a cat spayathon on 2 Sundays: 19 February and 18 March at a cost of R500 a cat.

All the money will go towards an electric wheelchair to be bought for a girl (Maridene) who worked at the veterinary practice on weekends. She was in a motorbike accident (somebody drove over a red light). She is 16 years old and attends High School De Kuilen in Kuils River.

Maridene‘s arm is hurt badly and she won't be able to use it for a while...
But worse, she is now paralysed. Dr Theron is now arranging the spayaton to raise money for an electric wheelchair for Maridene. It costs R20 000 and so Dr. Theron needs to spay 40 cats.

Her telephone number is 021 903 6341 if you would like to make an appointment.

(Image: Loliloli, via Wikimedia commons)

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