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Do something great for Jack

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Your donation can help restore this Great Dane’s sight.

"Hi, I’m Jack. I'm a Great Dane, I'm five months old and my best friend in the world is Michael Kraounakis. Lately I've been bumping into things, so I was taken to the doctor, who says I've got things growing in my eyes – they’re cataracts. I can have an operation, but it’s very expensive so we need to raise money.

My owners said we could start something called "Jack's Eye Fund", Michael and I will, for instance, do fund raising suppers at my house. Lots and lots of pancakes will also be baked – because I would like to see again and not be scared to bump into things or fall in the pool, please can you help me?"

Jack Kraounakis
Jack has been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes, he's still a young pup so it is very much operable, and unfortunately, cataract surgery is very expensive. Cataracts in animals this young is common and probably hereditary, Jack is already 90% blind.

A cataract is opacity of the lens. This opacification results in less light reaching the nerve layer of the eye known as the retina. This in turn can lead to reduced vision and ultimately blindness.

The procedure
Techniques in man and animals surgery have progressively improved over time and the current method for cataract removal is by a process called phacoemulsification.  In Jack's case, this surgery is done under a general anaesthetic. During the procedure a small incision [3.2mm] is made in the cornea and the front capsule of the lens is removed. The cloudy contents are then removed by a small ultrasonic probe that fragments and sucks out the lens material.

Once the lens is removed, it can be replaced with an artificial lens, which can be folded and placed in the eye through the same small incision. The corneal wound is then sutured with very fine absorbable suture material. There are situations, however, when a lens cannot be replaced. In these cases the eye will remain longsighted and the animal will need more time to adapt before he start to see better.

The procedure is complicated, the aftercare quite involved and unfortunately we can only have it done at the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital (www.animaleyehospital.co.za). Estimated cost for the entire procedure is between R12,000 - R16,000.
We decided that the ONLY option was surgery for our Jack-Jack, therefore we are exploring different ideas of raising money for our puppy - even if Mommy has to bake 6,000 pancakes :-)
Any donation - however small, will help us to give Jack the quality of life every huge Great Dane puppy deserves. Please help us to "see Jack run again".
Savvas, Annelize & Michael Kraounakis
 079 877 6408 / 083 310 3780
centurion@chemspec.co.za / annelize@pictureperfectstudios.co.za
Jack's bank account:
Pink Boots Productions
Capitec Savings
Centurion Branch
Account 1279273273

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