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Save the rhino

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Your sponsorship will help save our rhinos.

Chicks4Change is participating in the 2012 Put Foot Social Car rally that will take us through six Southern African countries in 17 Days all in an effort to raise money for Project Rhino, a collaboration of organisations working together to co-ordinate rhino conservation interventions aimed at eliminating rhino poaching.

In order to raise money for Project Rhino we are selling advertising space on the Rhino Rally Vehicle.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause by putting your stamp on the Rhino Rally Vehicle.

All proceeds of the branding will go to Project Rhino and as in the wild, rhinos come in all sizes, so you may choose the size of branding that most suit your advertising and financial needs.

For more information: http://cdn.biz-file.com/f/1205/Sponsor-a-Spot-Proposal.pdf

Images: Sourced from the Project Rhino website

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