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INVITATION: Global Feast

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A fun way to make your statement for the 16 Days of Activism

Speak Out and Stop Violence against Women and Girls – a 16 Days of Activism initiative by the Women’s Hope Education and Training (WHEAT) Trust.

Be part of a Global Women’s Feast from the 25th November, 2010 until the 10th December, 2010, by hosting a fun brunch/lunch/tea/cocktail or dinner from your own home or office. Do this as your contribution to speaking out and stopping violence against women and children during the 16 Days against domestic violence. 

Have fun and invite 9 friends (including two young women or teenage girls) to your feast and be a part of this global initiative. Your invited guests should each bring a delicious tasty treat to the table – you provide the space and do the invitations and in return you escape the food preparation! Enjoy your favorite foolproof recipe of the day and sharing this with special friends makes it even more fun. In fact, we would like you to share those recipes and group photographs with us. If you have an innovative way of hosting your feast, please share that with us too – you could be in line for a prize!

Have your feast at home, in the office, at book club, in the park – anywhere and anytime during the 16 Days of NO Violence against Women.

Each guest should make a donation and the proceeds will be deposited into the WHEAT TRUST account. Put a money pot in the centre of the table and make a circle of giving. Your raised funds will go a long way in supporting a grassroots women-led organization to provide support to her community in eradicating domestic violence.

The WHEAT Trust is a granting initiative based in South Africa, which supports our sisters in the region. In supporting grassroots women to seek local solutions to local problems, WHEAT invests in education, training, economic empowerment and capacity building to foster women’s leadership and to enable dialogue. To achieve this, WHEAT promotes a culture of giving and follows the principals of human rights for women’s and of feminism.

There’s more! When you deposit your donation and send your name and the names of your guests, a draw will take place and there will be some amazing prizes.

With so many tables of ten women feasting around the Globe, just imagine how much money we can raise to help WHEAT Trust continue to support grassroots women-led organizations access to sustainable resources. When women benefit, the whole community benefits: by empowering women, we enrich communities. We believe that now more than ever, women are at risk of losing jobs which could result in increased gender based violence, further impacting on the lives of many vulnerable children.

Will you join this Global Women’s Feast? Imagine thousands of women participating in each country – or even each city around the Globe! Be that special women in your city or suburb.

Fax, phone or email us your availability to invite your friends and host a home table for the Global Women’s Feast. Supply your full name, telephone number, email and contact details. We will then send you a toolkit with ideas and information for hosting the event.

Our details are as follows:

Phone: +27 21 762 6214
Fax: +27 21 797 2876

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