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KFC highlights World Hunger Relief Month

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The most satisfying meal of the day

The most satisfying meal of the day at KFC is the one which provides the giver with the satisfaction of donating a meal to a hungry child and in turn feeds the starving and adds hope to their lives.  

To highlight World Hunger Relief Month in October KFC launched their Add Hope marketing campaign, which encouraged the general public to make a personal contribution towards alleviating hunger in South Africa by adding a R2 donation to their purchase at any KFC restaurant. 

The Add Hope campaign made use of in-store counter strips, posters, counter cards, staff badges and T-shirts as well as new menu boards to drive the meal of the day message home. They also embarked on a radio campaign on Highveld Stereo and a viral campaign to raise the profile of the campaign. Additionally customers who donated their R2 were given stickers to show their support for the project - stating that lunch was on them.

Select KFC restaurants also received a Wall of Hope, which was dedicated to showing the consumer and staff exactly how the Add Hope campaign has made a difference.

As part of the Add Hope initiative KFC also has a franchisee program with over 50 franchisee community projects on the go. The franchisees contribute to their local store communities through the funds raised from Add Hope. The in-store Wall of Hope gives these individual stores the forum to display the various community schemes they have personally undertaken and provides the opportunity to showcase to local customers the contribution they are making in their community through feeding schemes.

Highveld Stereo's Pabi Moloi and Protea star Morne Morkel added their voices to the cause by appearing at the KFC restaurant at Fourways Crossing Johannesburg on 16 October, World Hunger Relief Day, to sign autographs, motivate people to make a donation and raise the general awareness around hunger alleviation.

In 2009, consumers proudly showed their community spirit by raising over R1.9million, which has been donated to broad based feeding scheme projects around the country with a focus on children who are in desperate need of hunger alleviation and assistance.

"World Hunger Relief has given voice to the silent crisis of world hunger by generating awareness of this issue among millions of people across the globe. KFC Add Hope raises millions of rands to fulfil its mission of feeding those people most in need in South Africa and is an opportunity for everyone to play a part in the fight against hunger," commented Claudia Altorio of the United Nations World Food Programme.

The KFC Add Hope initiative strives to drive awareness of the hunger issue and raise funds, which supports hunger alleviation projects around South Africa. Add Hope is active throughout the year and ensures that all funds raised through the programme stay in South Africa and are utilised for a variety of local causes, including national initiatives such as the SOS Children's Homes and World Vision Feeding, programmes which help the local communities of South Africa.

According to Lauren Turnbull, KFC CSI and Sponsorship Manager,"KFC's Add Hope campaign has been running for four years and strives to make a real difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans by providing much needed hunger relief. The Add Hope project is a long-term commitment on behalf of the brand towards making a sustainable difference in the lives of those less fortunate and guaranteeing that South African children have access to adequate nutrition, which is essential for proper growth and development."


KFC Add Hope on World Hunger Relief Day, Morne Morkel with Lauren Turnbull, KFC CSI and Sponsorships manager and Pabi Moloi

KFC Add Hope on World Hunger Relief Day,he made his R2 donation


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