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An appeal of a different nature - Happy Yapper PIGS...

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… And these little piggies went to happy homes.

It's time for some compassion... Happy Yappers have lost their main financial supporter and can no longer feed their pigs.  If we cannot find homes for them to go to by the end of the month HY have no choice but to have them shot.

There are 17 pigs left of various ages and sexes but all are BIG pigs so will need a plot or a farm to wander around in - they are easy and cheap to keep, as long as there is adequate grazing and shelter they just need a bowl of horse pellets a day and de-worming, hoof trimming once every 6 months or so.

I hope I can give you some idea of their different personalities and the strong bonds they have amongst them selves in the photos below and instil some love and compassion in you for these intelligent, beautiful, misunderstood animals. They are very clean, sweet smelling souls depending on the conditions they are kept in - here they live in dusty, muddy pens and have no option but to look like this.

If you know of anyone, ANYONE, who could spare some space for two or three of these doomed animals please, contact Leslie on 083 651 2082 or Mel on 083 453 3888. If in Gauteng, transport can be arranged and neutering of the males negotiated.

NB these pigs are NOT for slaughter and strict home checks and post home checks will be done to ensure this does not happen.

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