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Zip Zappers to perform in Europe

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Troupe of 5 off to Paris to join biggest tenting show

Zip Zap is proud to announce the inclusion of an original Zip Zap act into the 10 year anniversary tour of Cirque Phénix and the departure of a troupe consisting of five Zip Zappers to Paris on 14 November.

“We will be performing an act, which combines a trampoline, Chinese poles and cradle,” says troupe leader Jose Batista do Rego (29). “It’s is a Zip Zap produced act; the concept of the act was developed here at Zip Zap.”

The act, performed by Jose, Kagisho Arnold Mutlane (23), Sibusiso Mbula (19), Anele (25) and Shannon Pates-Xhola (26), which is six minutes long, will feature in the illustrious two hour show “Les Plus Beaux Numéros du Monde” (The world’s most beautiful acts), along-side nine other troupes comprising of around 40 artists from all over the world, including Russia, Ethiopia, China, Colombia and more.

“This is a professional contract and we will be working with a professional circus called Cirque Phénix, which is different to our social circus but it is run like a family business, with a similar ethos to Zip Zap’s,” Jose explains.

What drew Cirque Phenix director Alain M. Pacherine to include a Zip Zap act was not only the skill but how Zip Zappers work and what the circus school does.

“I have been collaborating with the Joka Boyz (Jose and Kagisho) for five years now,” Alain says. “Every time we have worked together, has been a unique experience. They are equipped with the values I believe are essential for today’s big circuses. They embody the vision I have of a modern day circus, rooted in the present and able to inspire and touch their audiences. Their experience combined with their personal trajectories allows them to adapt with ease to any setting.”

France has a rich circus culture and audiences really know how to show their appreciation to the artists working on stage: they clap and cheer non-stop. It’s a great country to work in with this industry.

“Cirque Phénix is an amazing circus to work for,” says Jose. “They are very similar to Zip Zap. They take care in looking after the artists and making them feel right at home, which results in the artists giving that extra bit more than expected. It is an amazing place and it’s going to be a amazing experience.”

For Jose and Arnold, this will be the fifth time working with Cirque Phénix. They will get to work with their friends again and while there be a lot of work they all know that this comes with loads of rewards and offers Zip Zap a great opportunity.

The troupe will get to perform for 5000 people, first in Paris where Cirque Phénix, which puts up the biggest tenting show in Europe, is based during November and December. In the new year, the artists will be touring across 28 French cities, as well as Liège in Belgium and Geneva in Switzerland, travelling in a big circus bus across Europe.

Although the schedule was tight, and the group faced challenges, they were all overcome with hard work and the support of the whole Zip Zap family to make sure that “Zip Zap” would  shine among “the most beautiful acts in the world”.

Zip Zap greatly appreciates the phenomenal support received from Cirque Phénix and their commitment to our little circus school.  


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