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Nondumiso Ncisana: Small businesses’ answer to Idols

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The Cape Town dynamo is proof that dreams do come true.

That’s if a person with passion and drive is given both a chance to showcase their skills as well as a helping hand. Ncisana – who grew up in a shack in Khayelitsha is the founder and owner of the burgeoning Impumelelo Staffing Solutions.

This year the company signed a significant enterprise development partnership with G4S (SA), the largest provider of integrated security solutions in the country.

Impumelelo's mission is to offer its clients, including Liberty Health and the Human Sciences Research Council, a broad range of recruitment solutions across various industries.
However, Ncisana also believes in giving back and offers workshops in Khayelitsha.

Aimed at young people and job seekers, these demonstrate everything from how to prepare a CV to how to handle oneself in an interview.

“We need to empower others through training and development initiatives and by the transferring of skills,” she firmly believes.

Ncisana started her business nearly four years ago after having worked in Johannesburg in HR administration and recruitment.

She was one of the inaugural members of the Shanduka Black Umbrellas programme, which provides its SMMEs with a solid foundation to enable success and beat the odds of failing when starting and running a business. This is done through training, on-going mentoring and providing subsidised infrastructural support.

"While the whole package was beneficial, the mentoring was particularly good for me. My mentors challenged my decisions and plans when they needed to. However, through that process I grew and so did my business, “she says.

So what prompted her to go it alone in these challenging economic times? “It was a combination of a number of things. When working for established firms I proposed certain things but realised that there was too much red tape involved and changing things would take time because of the structure and size of the organisations as well as the nature of bureaucracy. I was impatient... I realised I had the skills – and the desire – to start my own business.”

So where does she still want to take Impumelelo?
“When the economic downturn hit, I focused more on training than recruitment and I will continue growing the training side. I’ve identified a great need for skills development training especially for our youth.”

She’s frank in admitting that in the beginning she considered going back to salaried employment: “It was my passion that saw me persisting with the business even when I lost everything. My advice is that if you are truly passionate about what you do, it will create energy within you where you fear nothing not even failure. When failure is no longer an issue you can only succeed.”

Impumelelo is now flourishing with some key accounts as well as Ncisana making a difference to the economy by indirectly offering learnerships to more than 100 people.

Impumelelo Staffing Solutions
Business: Provider of recruitment and training solutions
Owner: Nondumiso Ncisana
Address: 2nd floor, 32 St. Georges Mall, Cape Town
Contact: 021 418 4510

Shanduka Black Umbrella
Shanduka Black Umbrella assists many businesses in addition to Nondumiso’s through its business incubators and plays a meaningful role in helping these businesses to become sustainable and provides corporate South Africa with the opportunity to make preferential procurement and enterprise development a meaningful, effective and value enhancing activity rather than something which a company feels compelled to do in order to comply with B-BBEE scorecard requirements.

South Africa’s economic future depends upon the sustainable increase in the number of small and medium sized companies representative of the country’s demographics and their meaningful participation in the mainstream economy via the supply chains of large established companies.

Many smaller companies do not have the skills and resources to take on meaningful opportunities that are made available through preferential procurement but with appropriate enterprise development support this could be possible.

For those companies which wish to diversify their supply chain by including more black owned EMEs, a collaborative solution may be created with Shanduka Black Umbrellas whereby appropriate 100% black owned SMMEs which meet the companies’ supply chain needs are identified via the companies’ supplier databases, the blackpages and the existing SMMEs within the Shanduka Black Umbrellas programme and a managed supplier development solution be provided via the Shanduka Black Umbrellas incubator.

The managed supplier development solution will ensure the risk to companies in bringing new suppliers into their supply chain will be minimised via the systems and processes already operating within the Shanduka Black Umbrella’s program, namely:
• A rigorous selection program that includes credit and criminal checks to ensure the most appropriate SMMEs are selected;
• A training and personalised mentoring program that includes benchmarks on business plans which the SMMEs prepare themselves thus ensuring each SMME is properly prepared and supported to deliver the level of service, quality and pricing required;
• Rigorous monthly financial accounts provided for every SMME in the program which enables the corporate suppliers to see the economic benefit provided by the procurement opportunities provided to the SMMEs;
• A monthly evaluation of the progress and sustainability of each SMME;
• Supporting the SMMEs with services and infrastructure such as telecoms, use of vehicle, internet and e-mail etc.

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