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Good Hope FM's Annual Toy-Toy Drive

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TFG once again supported the Drive by generously donated toys

During a LIVE BROADCAST of the Good Hope FM/Nigel Pierce Toy-Toy Drive, staff of Fashion Lifestyle Retailer, TFG once again generously donated toys by the boxful to the following 6 beneficiaries, all of whom are supported by one or more of the various Trading or Service Divisions that make up the TFG Group. The Toy-Toy Drive is but one initiative in support of these beneficiaries as the staff support them all year round.

Melkbos Care Centre (Foschinidata)
FoschiniDATA, the IT Service Division within TFG, have nurtured a relationship with the Melkbos Care Centre over the past 2 years. The Melkbos Care Centre is a non-profit care facility providing for the needs of the underprivileged children residing in the Rietvlei Bush area of Melkbosstrand, and it is their goal to break the cycle of poverty and abuse so prevalent within the community.
FoschiniDATA's interactions with the Care Centre have included annual winter clothing donations, a hosted Santa�s Shoebox themed Christmas Party and the development of an annual football match with floating trophy. This enables the staff at FoschiniDATA to interact with the kids in a fun-filled afternoon of football. FoschiniDATA also make add- hoc financial donations to the Care Centre which is then used in supporting their running costs.

Mamma Carol's Safe Haven (Markham)
Carol Arendse, a Finance Assistant in Markham with 26 years service has been providing children in her Eerste River neighborhood with a after school and weekend safe haven to learn and play for more than 11 years. Something she does in her spare time and with the help of some volunteers. These children are normally left to roam the streets unattended making them easy targets for gangs. Carol has about 40 children in her 40m2. She has built on an extra room but was unable to complete it due to lack of funds. Her colleagues in Markham heard about what she was doing and decided to assist her. They have helped Carol access a low interest company loan which will help her to complete the extra room. In addition to this Carol will also be receiving R10 000 through the Group's Staff CSI Programme, Pass In On. With this money they will equip the extra room in such a way that Carol will be able to provide a richer experience for these kids.

Solomon's Haven (Jewellery Division: American Swiss Jewellers,Sterns and Matrix)
The Jewellery Division have been supporting Solomon's Haven since 2005. Their support has included Santa's Shoebox, Grocery Drives, Fundraising (mostly at the end of the year), Clothing Donations and Christmas Parties. Some of the staff in the Jewellery Division also donate bread on a weekly basis to Solomon's Haven.

Sive Nathi (Exact!)
Exact decided to support this home as of this year. Exact! plans to assist the home through initiatives that will include: teaching the staff computer skills to assit them in budgeting and tracking their income and expenses, assist them in creating a professional portfolio for the home that includes a new logo, assitance with providing toiletries, food and by so doing help them to run the home more effeciently and professionally so as to improve the living conditions for the children who live there. At the moment Exact! Staff are collecting toiletries. The ain is to have a monthly drive for needs such as medical supplies, toys etc. There are also plans to do a Christmas Party in December and staff will be asked to adopt a child they can provide a shoebox of gifts for. Sive Nathi was started by Lorriane Joja in 1997 and curretnly has 42 children who are severly mentally and physically handicapped. The home is situated in Blackheath.

Roslynʼs Feeding Scheme (The Foschini Group Apparel Supply Company)
Roslyn Scholtz, an ironer at TFGM for 13 years runs a feeding scheme in her community (Tafelsig,Mitchells Plain) where she feeds 50 to 100 hungry children a week. The scheme which she started on her own, has been running since 2003. Roslyn used to operate from an empty container on an open field but has had to move the feeding scheme to her home, when she had to return the container to its original caretaker. Her efforts so impressed her colleagues that she now has the support of TFGA CSI Committee, which help to continue her good work. TFGM purchase groceries for soup on a weekly basis, host an annual Christmas lunch with treats & gifts and donate kiddies clothing when available. It is Roslyn's intention to register the Feeding Scheme as Roslyn's Hope Feeding Scheme.

Mama Lumka also known as the "Wheelbarrow Saint" (Financial Services fg)
In 2001 Mama Lumka saw a need in her community to provide residential care for 16 disabled & able bodied children in her own home. Some were HIV positive some had Aids some were neglected or abused or both & some were just abandoned by their families. She had no transport & fetched these children in a wheelbarrow to give them a home, love & security (that�s how she got the name the wheelbarrow saint. In 2002 the then CTA Manager- Alma Fouche read about her in a magazine & that�s how Financial Services fg started supporting Mama Lumka and have done so since 2002. There are currently 34 children although this figure can change anytime. Every 2nd month, Financial Services fg run various drives. Staff are requested to bring, tin foods, medicine, soup vegetables. Staff also donate R5 monthly. Each Teams also adopts a child and buys a gift and the Division hosts an annual Christmas Party for the children. This is complemented with an annual donation of R10 000.

The Toy-Toy Drive Campaign is spearheaded by Good Hope FM in partnership with various corporate, to collect toys for under-privileged children in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

TFG is not only proud to be part of this initiative but particularly proud of its staff, without whom it would not have been possible.

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