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Morgan Freeman Leadership Summit Supported by Adcorp

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Leadership Summit to be Led by Kotter International
The Make A Difference Foundation (MAD), a charity organization that provides educational and leadership development opportunities for academically talented, economically disadvantaged youth in South Africa, will host the second annual Morgan Freeman Leadership Summit in Cape Town, December 1-3.

The summit will bring together 45 college-age and senior school students for a three-day workshop, “My MAD Legacy: A Global View,” which aims to help learners identify their individual strengths to become better leaders, create positive change and leave a lasting impact on their country and the world. The programme will be facilitated by the U.S. strategy firm Kotter International and forms part of MAD’s formal leadership programme.
“The Morgan Freeman Leadership Summit is an exciting opportunity for MAD to provide our learners with the skills they need to tackle some of South Africa’s biggest challenges and set an inspiring example for young men and women across the world,” said Francois Pienaar, founder and chairman of MAD. “MAD learners are true role models and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to help them to establish their own unique leadership legacies. We are also delighted to partner again with Kotter International, without whose expertise a programme like this would not be possible.”

Kotter International Senior Engagement Leader Russell Raath, a native of Zimbabwe who was educated and spent his early career in South Africa, will lead the programme. This year’s curriculum will be based on the research and teachings of Harvard Business School professor John Kotter, the firm’s co-founder and chief innovation officer.

“I am incredibly excited to be able to spend time with these talented young leaders who have the potential to achieve great things in their communities and in the world,” said Raath. “No one knows where our future leaders will come from, but by understanding how to craft a personal leadership legacy, we are equipping our next generation with the tools that they can use to be even more influential, successful and outstanding leaders. It is a true testament to Kotter International’s founding mission of ‘millions leading,billions benefiting.’”

This year's programme will focus on starting a discussion and exploration of a personal leadership legacy. In a world that is constantly changing, strong leaders are needed in all facets of society—from commerce and industry, to non-profit, political and civic leadership. And real leaders, real influencers, know that they don't need a title or a formal designation to lead others.

The MAD Foundation Leadership Programme Supported by Adcorp is underwritten by Morgan Freeman, who bid to give his support to this event at MAD’s 2011 USA Golf Day. This year’s event also offers an opportunity to launch the 2013 MAD Leadership Programme Supported by Adcorp and facilitated by leadership specialist Johan Beukes.

For more information on MAD and the Morgan Freeman Leadership Program, please visit www.madcharity.org.

About the Make a Difference Foundation
Founded in 2003 by South African rugby star Francois Pienaar, MAD strives to give academically talented, economically disadvantaged youth in South Africa an opportunity to reach their full potential as leaders and role models by providing exceptional educational and related opportunities. In so doing, the foundation’s eventual aim is to create alumni of MAD beneficiaries who will lead positive change in an emerging democracy.  At MAD we realize that the leaders of tomorrow need our leadership today. We truly believe instead of giving these youngsters fish, let's rather show them how to fish.

About Kotter International
Kotter International helps Global 5000 company leaders develop the practical skills and implementation methodologies required to lead change in a complex, large-scale business environment. The firm works with organizations undertaking major change at an accelerated rate. Kotter International professionals walk the leaders of these organizations through Dr. John Kotter's 8-Step Process for Leading Change and leave them with the competency to adapt and lead change in the future.    www.kotterinternational.com.

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